We believe that we are called at Northridge to develop a “Culture of Prayer” in our church family. What we mean by that is that prayer is to be constantly on our minds as the answer to every problem that comes our way. When someone has a need we alert the Northridge Family and we begin to pray. We desire to have a congregation that prays for one another on a daily basis and goes to prayer when those specific special requests comes. If you have a crisis or just want someone to pray for you, contact the church office so we can put you on our church’s prayer chain and get someone in person to pray with you.

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Northridge Assembly of God

3025 Independence Avenue

Grand Island, Ne 68803

Phone: (308) 381-7985


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8:30- 5:00pm


Sundays: 10:30am

Wednesdays: 7:00pm



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